Ann Hayes


As an undercover Special Agent with the United States Department of Justice in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ann Hayes has first hand experience with the traits and dynamics of the Islamic culture and how criminal activity and money laundering takes shape in today's war on terrorism. Ms. Hayes has successfully executed arrests and search warrants and assisted in the prosecution of numerous international criminal organizations. As Special Agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency's Protection Unit, Ms. Hayes was responsible for protecting agents targeted by foreign terrorist organizations.

As a Special Agent with the DEA, Ms. Hayes received a Special Achievement Award from the Association of Women Police for her international undercover work. She also served on the President's Organized Crime Task Force and received several commendations from the United States Department of Justice. Ms. Hayes was the first women to graduate number one in her class at the DEA Basic Training Academy.

Ms. Hayes is an international leader in conducting security audits for Fortune 500 companies and developing protection plans for their executives. Ms. Hayes served 12 years as a principal of Strang Hayes Consulting, which she co-founded with fellow DEA agent Robert Strang. In her capacity as security specialist, Ms. Hayes has been at the forefront of developing new procedures for dealing with workplace issues such as inventory loss, corruption, sexual harassment, violence and anti-terrorism tactics.

Ms. Hayes is currently on the Board of Directors for the National Center for the Victims of Crime. Ms Hayes also was recently appointed to the U.A.C.T. Task Force (Unified Against the Challenges of Terrorism) an independent entity established by the Minority Leader of the New York State Assembly to analyze security issues and preparedness in New York.

Ms. Hayes was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to the Mayoral Task Force on Police and Community Relations. She also served six years under Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg as one of five members on the Mayor's commission to combat police corruption.

Ms. Hayes frequently appears regularly on national and cable news programs providing expert analysis on terrorism, security and investigative matters. She is also often quoted in The New York Times, Forbes, USA Today and other business publications. Ms. Hayes received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia and graduated from the Police Academy in Roanoke, Virginia where she began her career as a patrol officer.