Events and Presentations

June 2023 Presentation:

Speaker: John B. Devito, Special Agent in Charge, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,New York Division

Topics: ATF's Fight Against Gun Violence ATF Special Agent in Charge, John B. Devito outlined his agency’s current strategy of Crime Gun Intelligence (CGI), an evidence-based technology designed to provide law enforcement with greater tools to crack down on violent gun crime across the nation. CGI combines all available federal, state, and local intelligence on gun crime to identify and disrupt the shooting cycle, particularly by focusing on ways that firearms are diverted from regulated commerce to the criminal market. CGI seeks to intervene to prevent that diversion and prevent the shootings that illicit trafficking ultimately leads to. CGI establishes connections between crime guns that have already been used to identify trends early so that offenders can be stopped before further harm occurs within our communities.

May 2023 Presentation:

Speaker: Frank A. Tarentino III, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, New York Division

Topic: DEA’s Response to Fentanyl Crisis Mr. Tarentino explained why fentanyl is such a dangerous drug and outlined his agency’s current strategy to counter the ongoing crisis caused by use of the highly potent opioid, including deaths by overdose. He said the DEA is focused on prosecuting three major criminal organizations responsible for the distribution of the drug in the U.S. In addition to the enforcement strategy, Mr. Tarentino also highlighted the DEA’s public awareness campaigns designed to reduce deaths.

November 2022 Presentation:

Speaker: Former Lieutenant Gustavo A. Rodriguez, NYPD Intelligence Bureau

Topics: How Can Cyber Security Lessons Learned by New York City Help Your Organization? Lieutenant Gustavo A. Rodriguez, retired member of the New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Bureau, shared his insights regarding preventable cyber attacks increasingly common in both the public and private sectors. Lieutenant Rodriguez presented four solutions to reduce cyber security risk drawn from his experience mitigating cyber threats in New York City over the past decade.

June 2022 Presentation:

Speaker: Ann Hayes, President, Investigative Management Group

Topics: Return to Office – Safety Tips Ann Hayes, President of Investigative Management Group, retired Department of Justice Special Agent with the DEA, presented clients with helpful safety tips as their employees return to the office post-pandemic. Preparing for the commute, staying in contact with colleagues, and staying aware of your surroundings are key. IMG offers seminars in safety training and can assist in developing safety protocols and policies for companies.

January 2022 Presentation:

Speaker: Jay M. Cohen, Esq., Of Counsel, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C.

Topics: ESG Compliance Checkups Mr. Jay M. Cohen, Of Counsel at Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C., has over 20 years of experience as a compliance professional, previously serving as a compliance officer in the insurance, health care and information services industries. Mr. Cohen presented the recent increase in environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulatory requirements and the steps private firms must take to stay in compliance. Mr. Cohen reports that 72% of private equity groups run due diligence analyses on every acquisition’s ESG factors prior to closing, and recommends firms invest in “ESG Compliance Checkups” where an outside expert is engaged to analyze the company’s liabilities and provide a specifically tailored plan to improve compliance policies long-term.

October 2021 Presentation:

Speaker: Ilya Podolyako, CEO, Port. Prerogative Club

Topics: Private Markets Pose Challenges Private market dealmaking requires a fundamentally different approach from investing in publicly traded companies. Our guest expert Ilya Podolyako is CEO of Port. Prerogative Club and has previous experience as Founder and CEO of Blackbird Credit Market and as an investor with Colbeck Capital Management. Mr. Podolyako presented Port. Prerogative Club, a new service that monitors news coverage of user-selected companies and synthesizes the key information into concise reports. Mr. Podolyako explained that while quantitative modeling has emerged as a dominant strategy for evaluating publicly traded companies, private corporations’ reluctance to publicize their privileged data means that intelligence gathering capacity, rather than data analysis capability, is paramount. Port. Prerogative Club, Mr. Podolyako demonstrated, tracks a myriad of companies and provides targeted and comprehensive news coverage overviews that enable its clients to maintain an information advantage over their competitors.

April 2021 Presentation:

Speaker: Emmet B. Keeffe III, Operating Partner, Insight Partners

Topics: Insight Partners and the ScaleUp Revolution While startup companies fail frequently and present substantial product and market risk, ScaleUp companies represent an alternative investment strategy that offers access to stable returns, provided investors properly navigate execution risk. Our guest expert Emmet B. Keeffe III is an Operating Partner with Insight Partners. Mr. Keeffe presented a recent report that Insight Partners commissioned from Wakefield Research. The report found that a sizable majority of scaling-based companies anticipate growth rates rising over the next three years but that nearly half of executives at such companies view scaling up as more difficult than the startup period. Mr. Keeffe explained that Insight Partners employs a strategy of investing in ScaleUp companies while simultaneously offering the ScaleUps substantial access to specialist advisors. This, he noted, allows the firm to maximize investments with predictable growth while also ameliorating the lack of technical advice that heightens execution risk for ScaleUp companies. Through their strategy, Insight Partners are able to create stable investments that retain significant growth potential.

January 2021 Breakfast:

Speaker: Stéphan Malvoisin, Vice President (USA), Travel Security, Crisis24

Topics: Travel Risk Management with IMG & GardaWorld Crisis24 As we resume travel both domestically and abroad, we must be careful in this ever-changing world. Our guest expert Stéphan Malvoisin is the Vice President, Travel Security, of Crisis 24 and has over two decades of experience in security assistance and responding to crisis incidents worldwide. Mr. Malvoisin introduced GardaWorld Crisis24, a full-service global security application that allows users to access security services at the push of a button. Mr. Malvoisin highlighted important features of Crisis24, such as its 24/7 travel security alerts, 24/7 hotline, and expert capabilities in extreme cases such as kidnapping. This technology, coupled with the global network of agents working with GardaWorld and IMG, provides a comprehensive travel safety plan suitable for anyone looking to travel in the near or distant future.

October 2020 Breakfast:

Speaker: F. John Stark III, Managing Principal, Water Tower Capital, LLC

Topics: An Historical View of COVID-19 Related Bankruptcies Compared to the Last Three Recessions One of the lesser known impacts of recessions is Corporate Fraud. Our guest expert John Stark is the Managing Principal of Water Tower Capital, LLC and has over two decades of experience in financial services. Mr. Stark imparted his unique insight in "An Historical View of COVID-19 Related Bankruptcies Compared to the Last Three Recessions". As the pandemic pushes into a global recession, we again see an increase in fraud around the world. Mr. Stark explained the economic trends that come with recessions and the correlation between recessions and fraud. Mr. Stark also emphasized the importance of due diligence and background checks on every investment, especially during times of recession.

March 2020 Breakfast:

Speaker: Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D, President, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

Topics: Are we going to pot? A Discussion of Marijuana’s Costs and Consequences Kevin Sabet, author, consultant, and advisor to three U.S. presidential administrations, facilitated a lively discussion about the costs and consequences of marijuana use. As marijuana is legalized in more and more U.S. states, and as recreational and medicinal use becomes more prevalent, Mr. Sabet explained the current research regarding increasing levels of potency, potential medical treatments in development, which groups of Americans are most susceptible to use, and the effects on brain development. He also described the pros and cons of the growing financial market surrounding marijuana, and the types of policies that lawmakers, as well as employers, have tried to implement to keep the public safe.

October 2019 Breakfast:

Speaker: C. Bryan Paarmann, former Special Agent in Charge, NY Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Topics: The Changing Face of Terrorism Mr. Bryan Paarmann, former Special Agent in Charge, gave an enlightening presentation on the current and future dynamic of both domestic and international terrorism. His discussion focused on the importance of public safety across America and in our own backyard, and stressed the importance of understanding the tactics, trends, and developments in the fight against terror. In an increasingly polarized world where reports about new tragedies are seemingly weekly, it is vital to understand the world of today to face the world of tomorrow. Paarmann presented key information on this topic and gave invaluable insight into the violent cycle we see today.

June 2019 Breakfast:

Speaker: Raymond P. Donovan, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration - NY Division

Topics: China's Position in the Illegal Drug Trafficking Network DEA Special Agent in Charge Ray Donovan provided a summary of the DEA's work combating the transnational drug trade, both locally in New York City and internationally. He discussed new challenges the DEA faces, including China's influence, the rise of Fentanyl and Synthetic Precursors, and the developments with ongoing problems such as money laundering and cannabinoids. He also offered future strategies to tackle a changing drug market (i.e. Dark Web), as well as the preventative measures taken to reduce widespread substance abuse and addiction, taking on the issue from all sides.

January 2019 Breakfast:

Speaker: Anna Maleva-Otto, Esq. - Partner - Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP - London

Topics: The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Ms. Maleva-Otto, a GDPR regulatory expert, presented an overview of the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation. Ms. Maleva-Otto explained how the recent changes affect compliance requirements for businesses globally, including the territorial scope of GDPR, unpacking key terms and concepts involved in the new regulations, the rights of data subjects, and enforcement.

October 2018 Breakfast:

Speaker: Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO, Building Intelligence, Inc.

Topics: Security Software Mr. Friedman has over twenty years of experience in building operations and software development in New York City, after years as a practicing real estate attorney. Mr. Friedman discussed how his unique background enabled him to understand and address the security concerns of building management. He founded Building Intelligence in 2006 to address these concerns and has even advanced the field with his development of SV3, his company�s award-winning cloud-mobile application that secures and tracks all building activity.

June 2018 Breakfast:

Speaker: Thomas A. Petro, Former Special Agent � U.S. Secret Service

Topics: Active Shooter Awareness Former Secret Service Special Agent, Thomas Petro, spoke about the recent increase in tragedies involving active shooters, and how the fear alone of such incidents can negatively effect employees in the workplace. Mr. Petro discussed the ways employee awareness training in the areas of workplace violence, terroristic acts and active shooter scenarios, with a focus on employee intervention and personal safety, can assist in establishing policy and procedures that create a safer work environment.

March 2018 Breakfast:

Speaker: Frederic S. Newman

Topics: Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Mr. Newman has been on the front lines of the social and legal revolution affecting workplace attitudes and practices concerning gender equality and sexual harassment. Mr. Newman shared his perspective on how to protect your company and yourself. Fred Newman is a founding partner of Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP, a commercial litigation and employment law firm in Manhattan.

October 2017 Breakfast:

Speaker: James P. O'Neill, Police Commissioner, New York City Police Department

Police Commissioner O�Neill provided a brief survey of how the NYPD is maintaining the security and the quality of life in New York City. Widely experienced in both the patrol and the investigative sides of the department, Commissioner O'Neill also discussed the need for police to evolve if they are to succeed in connecting with communities, and about keeping people safe in the 21st century.

March 2017 Breakfast:

Speaker: Dr. Galina Datskovsky � Chief Executive Officer, VaporStream

Speaker: Dennis Cohen, Esq., Partner, Baker Hostestler LLP Topics: Secure Communications: Oxymoron or Reality On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Dr. Galina Datskovsky, Chief and Dennis Cohen joined us to discuss how advancements in messaging technology impact the privacy and security of business communications. Dr. Datskovsky and Mr. Cohen covered communications issues and problems businesses often encounter while highlighting recent, real-world examples. They also spoke on the legality of business communications, expanding on various factors such as the device being used, the recipient of the communication, and whether or not the communication was internal. Dr. Datskovsky and Mr. Cohen also provided techniques and strategies companies can use to protect themselves from cyber-threats and legal concerns.

December 2016 Breakfast:

Speaker: Jeffrey S. Sabin � Partner, Venable LLP

Topics: Funds in Distress: Issues and Options A Partner in Venable�s Bankruptcy and Creditors� Rights group and Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy, Mr. Sabin has over 35 years of experience in creditors� rights, bankruptcy, debt restructuring, and financially distressed entities in the U.S. and globally. On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, he provided a thorough overview of the issues and strategies managers face when their funds experience financial distress. Mr. Sabin began his discussion with background information on how funds are commonly structured and how they operate. He explained the situations in which distressed funds most often find themselves and how they became financially distressed. Mr. Sabin discussed the specific issues those funds face and how to identify these issues early on. Mr. Sabin then provided preventative and reactionary strategies managers and funds could implement to mitigate losses.

October 2016 Breakfast:

Speaker: :John Miller Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence and Counterterrorism, NYPD

Topics: Current Trends in Terrorism John Miller is the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence & Counterterrorism, overseeing operations in both the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureaus, including the partnership in the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force. On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, Deputy Commissioner Miller discussed the most recent developments in the war against terrorism in the United States, specifically in New York City. He outlined how the NYPD has adapted the way they gather and apply intelligence to prevent attacks from happening and how they have created specially trained units to provide a swift and forceful response. He also discussed how lone wolf attacks, like the one in Chelsea during September 2016, have changed the landscape. Deputy Commissioner Miller explained that as the face of terrorism in the United States changes, so must the strategies and the abilities of our police forces and he provided insight towards the future of counterterrorism.

June 2016 Breakfast:

Speaker: James J. Hunt, Special Agent in Charge � Drug Enforcement Administration, New York

Topics: Global Heroin Trafficking On Tuesday, June 28th, James Hunt provided a thorough overview on the evolution of heroin trafficking and how modern developments have shaped the current landscape of drug use in our country. Mr. Hunt described in detail how global changes to trafficking have made heroin so prevalent in the United States and how the opiate Fentanyl is causing abnormally high rates of overdose. Mr. Hunt reinforced the need for improving treatment and rehabilitation programs to help those currently battling addiction but emphasized that education and prevention are the strongest means of reducing the prevalence of opiate abuse in our nation.

March 2016 Breakfast:

Speaker: Paul Verbinnen, President, Sard Verbinnen

Topics: Cyber Security - Communications Considerations for Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks On Wednesday, March 30th, Mr. Paul Verbinnen provided a thorough overview on how the effects of data breaches and cyber attacks can be contained and/or mitigated by proper communication. Mr. Verbinnen emphasized that companies from all sectors are facing cyber security issues on an increasingly frequent basis and how thorough preparation is essential to properly handling a security event. Mr. Verbinnen discussed how companies that manage to mitigate and contain the damage from cyber attacks and data breaches focus not only on diligent preventative measures, but also have a plan for communicating with clients, law enforcement, and the media during a security event. The contents and timing of these critical communications is a large factor in the outcome of these events and protecting a company’s reputation.

October 2015 Breakfast:

Speaker: Gustavo Arnavat

Topic: USA/Cuba Policy Gustavo Arnavat, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former advisor to the President, spoke on USA/Cuba policy changes in light of recent developments in the two countries’ relations. Mr. Arnavat discussed the evolution of American and Cuban relations with emphasis on President Obama’s approach, how and why the United States has started to reform its policy regarding Cuba, and how policy changes will affect business opportunities for American citizens. Mr. Arnavat also focused on risk management techniques for businesses as they move into the emerging market in Cuba.

June 2015 Breakfast:

Speaker: Andrew W. Donofrio

Topic: Cyber Security - Trends Andrew Donofrio discussed how IMG can conduct a comprehensive penetration test and internal IT security assessment at your home or office, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current infrastructure. Drew is a leading computer and Digital Forensics and IT Network Investigator with over 25 years of experience. Drew has conducted over 1,000 forensic examinations of digital evidence, and has also qualified as a court appointed forensic expert in state and federal court. Drew is the former Associate Lab Director for the Cyber Crime Lab at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey.

February 2015 Breakfast:

Speaker: Michael Maxwell

Topic: Security Assessments and Reviews Michael Maxwell discussed Security Assessments and Reviews. Specifically how to keep homes, schools, businesses and other targets safe in a changing environment. Mr. Maxwell explained what a security assessment determines, and the assets that are needed for protection. Security assessments and reviews identify possible threats and vulnerabilities. Determined through the review of these factors, business/organizations can develop a risk mitigation strategy. Mr. Maxwell has extensive security experience in both the private and public sectors, serving with Homeland Security and Investigative Management Group.

October 2014 Breakfast:

Speaker: Michael N. Emmerman, Neuberger Berman, LLC

Topic: Evaluating Risk in a Troubled World Michael N. Emmerman is a Managing Director at Neuberger Berman, LLC. Additionally, Mr. Emmerman provides advice to federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies. He holds honorary positions at the American Red Cross and New York City Fire Department. Mr. Emmerman gave an insightful presentation on his views on a wide scope of international, domestic and local threats. His topics ranged from global threats such as ISIS to even every day scenarios such as how to protect yourself at a subway stop. Mr. Emmerman’s presentation discussed these issues and provided proactive measures to adopt to ensure the safety of your family and business.

June 2014 Breakfast:

Speaker: William D. Zabel, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Topic: Protection of Assets - Private Wealth and How to Keep It Bill Zabel is a founding partner of the firm and head of the Individual Client Services Group. Mr. Zabel provided an insightful presentation on the maintenance and protection of private wealth. Mr. Zabel provided real examples on late life marriages, step children and how the ultra-rich protect their assets. Mr. Zabel represents many of the wealthiest individuals in the country on tax planning; succession planning; charitable giving (through the use of private foundations, public charities, split-interest trusts and direct giving); estates and trusts, including representation of individuals and institutions acting as fiduciaries with respect to both general administrative matters and litigated or contested ones; and family law matters, including prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements, and the negotiation or mediation of substantial divorce matters. Mr. Zabel graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University and cum laude from Harvard Law School.

February 2014 Reception:

Speaker: Pete Dordal Jr., Senior Vice President, GardaWorld

Topic: Risk Management for a Complex World Pete Dordal spoke about security risks in the Middle East. Mr. Dordal touched on protecting corporate assets in the region as well as the employees who must perform their duties in dangerous countries. Investigative Management Group is a strategic partner with GardaWorld. Mr. Dordal is the head of the International Protective Services Business Division. He also serves on the Advisory Board for Investigative Management Group.

October 2013 Reception:

Speaker: Bill Roppolo

Topic: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Mr. Roppolo spoke one on one with clients regarding recent cases involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the best FCPA practices that international companies can implement. Mr. Roppolo is a trial attorney who defends multinational companies and individuals accused of violating US regulations. Mr. Ropollo is a Regulatory Compliance and Business Crimes Partner with Baker & McKenzie, LLP

July 2013 Breakfast:

Speaker: Joseph DeMarco, DeVore & DeMarco LLP

Topic: We’ve All Been Hacked! Now What? Recent media developments have highlighted the threats posed to American businesses in the area of cyber-crime and cyber-espionage. Mr. Demarco discussed recent developments and revelations in the area of computer hacking and cyber-espionage, how this threat could impact your business, the legal and business implications, and how governments and other leading businesses address these threats, and what you can learn from them. Mr. DeMarco was the former head of the Cybercrime Unit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York.

March 2013 Breakfast:

Speaker: Susan Gross Sholinsky and Jeff Landes, Epstein Becker Green

Topic: The New Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulations for Background Investigations Susan Gross Sholinsky and Jeffrey M. Landes of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. discussed the importance of complying with both federal and state credit reporting laws, as well as other related laws, when looking into the background of potential and current employees. They reviewed the recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance on the use of arrest and conviction records, as well as the legality of using certain information obtained in connection with background checks. They also addressed recently-enacted state laws limiting employers use of credit information as well as laws restricting employers ability to require applicants for employment to provide social media passwords, as well as the ban the box movement, which restricts employers from obtaining certain criminal background information at different stages in the application process. Several states and cities have implemented laws recently addressing this topic. Finally, Susan and Jeff discussed how to properly obtain authorization to perform background checks, and the steps employers must take prior to making an adverse decision based on information obtained through the background check process, including a discussion of the new forms put forth by the newly-formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB), which now shares oversight of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act with the Federal Trade Commission. CLE credit was provided.

October 2012 Breakfast:

Speaker: Michael B. Staebler, Partner with Pepper Hamilton LLP

Topic: Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) Mr. Staebler discussed the history, formation and operation of Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs). He is a commercial practice partner with Pepper Hamilton LLP. He leads Pepper’s SBIC practice and is co-chair of the firm’s Fund Services Group. Since 1994, he has assisted in the formation and licensing of approximately 195 SBICs, and also helped in the formation of numerous other private investment firms. He has regularly served as counsel to SBICs, venture capital and private equity firms, as well as public employee pension funds in connection with their investment activities throughout the United States. Mr. Staebler has chaired the SBIC and Venture Capital Subcommittee of the Small Business Committee of the American Bar Association. In 1992 and 1993, he served on an informal committee of the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies (NASBIC) to negotiate and draft new SBIC implementing regulations. Mr. Staebler received a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College and a Juris Doctorate from University of Michigan Law School.

June 2012 Breakfast:

Speaker: John Miller, Senior Correspondent for CBS News

Topic: Terrorism In The Post Bin Laden World: What to Expect John Miller has a unique background having worked with the FBI, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, LAPD and NYPD. Mr. Miller provided his perspective on the continuing challenges for U.S. law enforcement and intelligence in maintaining security and fighting terrorism. John Miller is a senior correspondent for CBS News. Beginning in 2005, John served in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, ending his tour as Deputy Director of the Analysis Division. Before joining the FBI, he served from 2003 to 2005 as head of the Counterterrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau and the Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, overseeing both the LAPD’s Major Crimes Division, Hazardous Materials Unit and its Bomb Squad. From 1995 to 2002, John was an ABC news correspondent. In 2002, he became co-anchor of the ABC news broadcast "20/20." John served briefly as New York City Deputy Police Commissioner from 1994-1995, after working as a television journalist at various networks and television stations from 1973 to 1994.

March 2012 Breakfast:

Speaker: Howard C. Tiegel, Esq., President and CEO of GlobalBridgeHR

Topic: HR Risks Mr. Tiegel discussed the HR risks presented by expatriate executives in the U.S. Companies that employ expatriate managers in their U.S. operations benefit greatly from the skills and experience they provide. Yet at the same time, there are a number of risks to the organization associated with expatriate managers, due to different culture and business practices and language barriers. Mr. Tiegel presented HR risks that a firm might encounter and the strategies for preventing and addressing them. Prior to founding GlobalBridgeHR, Howard was Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Legal Counsel of Marubeni America Corporation, the largest overseas subsidiary of Japan’s Marubeni Corporation, a major trading company. He oversaw a human resources function serving approximately 8,000 U.S. employees. Howard spearheaded the re-engineering of the Company’s HR function and revitalized its corporate culture by infusing a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. He also helped the parent company embrace innovative global HR strategies. In addition, Howard was the attorney in charge of Marubeni’s employment law matters in the U.S.

September 2011 Breakfast:

Speaker: John K. Castle

Topic: Private Equity Mr. Castle is considered a leader in the private equity community. He spoke of the current economic conditions and how they affect private equity. Mr. Castle is the chairman and chief executive officer of Castle Harlan and a member of the Executive Committee of CHAMP, an affiliate of Castle Harlan. He is also chairman of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., and is chairman and chief executive officer of Branford Castle, Inc., a holding company. Mr. Castle is a board member of Morton’s Restaurant Group, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, Inc., and various private equity companies. He also served as a director of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. Mr. Castle is a Life Member of the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, he had served for 22 years as a trustee of New York Medical College, including 11 of those years as chairman of the board. He is a member of the board of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, and was founding chairman of the Whitehead Board of Associates. He is also a member of The New York Presbyterian Hospital Board of Trustees and has served on various visiting committees at Harvard University, including the Harvard Business School.

May 2011 Breakfast:

Speaker: Congressman Peter King, Chairman Homeland Security

Topic: Homeland Security As a Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Pete King provided insights into: how the death of Osama bin Laden impacts homeland security, the increased risk of retaliatory attacks against America, the need for increased federal funds (especially for New York and other high risk cities considered terrorist targets), and behind the scenes conversations in Washington during the bin Laden mission in Pakistan.

September 2010 Breakfast:

Speaker: Robert E. Juceam, Of Counsel, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, LLP

Topic: Best Practices and Issues in Securing Investigative Services Bob Juceam provided perspective on the best practices for securing investigative services. He outlined the challenges law firms, large corporations, private equity and venture capital face in securing investigative services for due diligence, surveillance and other security issues facing the industry. Mr. Juceam outlined the importance of having a trusted third party handle investigative services from a corporate governance perspective. Mr. Juceam joined the Firm in 1966, became a partner in 1974 and of counsel to the Firm in 2006. From 1995 to 2001, he chaired the litigation department in the Washington, DC office. Mr. Juceam is a well respected authority on investigations and we were pleased to have his CLE credit eligible talk available to our clients.

June 2010 Breakfast:

Speaker: John Gilbride, Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division of the DEA

Topic: Update on Drug Enforcement Administration John Gilbride, Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, provided details on DEA’s mission, Afghanistan and the war on drugs, Mexico involving drug trade, weapons and border issues. SAC Gilbride also discussed the problem with terrorism and drug proceeds and how drug sales are funding terrorism organizations. He also emphasized the increase of heroin use and its high purity levels amongst all segments of the population here in New York area and across the country.

March 2010 Cocktail Reception:

Speaker: Ross Thompson and Beth Holloway

Topic: Travel Safety/Security and the presentation of Mayday360 Ross Thompson and Beth Holloway spoke on the importance of vigilance and awareness while traveling overseas. Mr. Thompson and Ms. Holloway discussed the importance of being educated when you travel as well as having the ability to respond to any level of personal safety situation quickly and effectively. Over the past few years there has been a large rise in the number of people that choose to travel abroad and this is no more evident than in the student travel market. Last year saw 275,000 college students travel overseas to study and over 100,000 travel for spring break to Mexico alone. Investigative Management Group, having been active in the field of travel security, has recognized the growing need to provide travel safety and security assistance to all categories of travelers on a large scale. With this mission IMG has partnered with Beth Holloway, the mother of Natalee Holloway, to create Mayday 360, a global safety and security assistance membership program. Mayday 360 members are provided access to 24/7 security and safety assistance for any level of security concern or emergency. Mayday 360 provides assistance and, if necessary, on-the-ground support and evacuations to victims of a security or safety crisis. Mayday 360 membership is specifically designed to work with, and respond to, everyday emergencies, especially those that affect traveling students, families and vacationers. Through Mayday360 now you don’t have to be a business executive traveling in a distressed region to have access to affordable, yet world class, security and safety assistance and support.

November 2009 Breakfast:

Speaker: Rosemary Fanelli

Topic: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 2009 has seen a substantial increase in enforcement activity under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA"). Further, the penalties for violations have been eye-popping, in the hundreds of millions - in one case - over 1 billion dollars. For those of us looking to expand international operations, this increased scrutiny raises important issues. It is quite common for companies establishing overseas operations to retain local counsel or a local consultant to guide them through required local processes. But, how do we know precisely what steps our "man on the ground" is taking to accomplish the company’s goals? The culture of some foreign governments may be quite different from that of the United States, and the provision of gratuities to officials may be common and expected. How can we be sure these local customs do not subject the company to prosecution under the FCPA? Important steps to reduce the risk of an FCPA violation include: (i) establishing a formal written policy against the provision of improper gratuities and establishing a strong "tone at the top" against any such improprieties; (ii) conducting training of employees such that they are sensitized to recognize what may be improper behavior; and (iii) conducting thorough due diligence on the local consultant is critical and should include a thorough background check of the consultant or local counsel. Although none of these measures will insulate a company from prosecution for a FCPA violation, demonstration of some good faith, rigorous measures will undoubtedly go a long way toward persuading a prosecutor of the company’s good faith and lack of intent.

June 2009 Breakfast:

Speaker: Robert Strang and Ann Hayes, Investigative Management Group

Topic: Background Checks Mr. Strang and Ms. Hayes discussed the importance of conducting thorough due diligence and illustrated how proper background investigations are a necessity to minimize risk and protect your company, particularly in this financial climate. They also discussed the dangers of failing to perform comprehensive background checks, such as undue reputational risks and potential prosecution. Lastly, they emphasized the importance of access to resources in the United States and abroad.

March 2009 Breakfast:

Speaker: Douglas Findlay

Topic: Fraud Detection The adverse impact of fraud upon a company’s business activities, assets and employees and related security concerns was the main topic. Doug Findlay discussed the importance of scrutinizing business practices and procedures to protect against fraud. Mr. Findlay explored various forms of fraud that occur at companies and examined best practices and methodologies to identify, address, and prevent fraudulent activity and potential harm to businesses. Mr. Findlay has more than thirty years experience specializing in financial and operational audits and forensic accounting in the construction, manufacturing, securities, pharmaceutical and real estate industries, as well as for federal, state and local government agencies. Mr. Findlay holds an M.B.A. from New York University.

November 2008 Breakfast:

Speakers: Michael Reilly, Partner, Bingham McCutchen, LLP

Topic: Financial Restructuring During these Difficult Times Michael Reilly discussed how the credit crisis will impact debt restructurings. Mr. Reilly explained the trends a company will face during a workout and why good due diligence is essential. Michael Reilly is co-chair of the firm’s global Financial Restructuring Group (U.S. head), and deputy chair of the firm’s Financial Institutions Area. He has more than 25 years of experience representing public and private bondholders and lenders in financial restructurings in the U.S., Latin America, and UK/Europe in a wide array of industries.

July 2008 Breakfast:

Speakers: Joseph V. DeMarco and Andrew C. DeVore

Topic: Information Privacy and Security: Existing Threats, Emerging Regulations Joseph V. DeMarco and Andrew C. DeVore discussed the current issues/threats for e-commerce, financial privacy and security, and identity theft. Mr. DeMarco and Mr. DeVore are partners in DeVore & DeMarco LLP. Both are former federal prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where they founded the Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Unit.

April 2008 Breakfast:

Speakers: Frederick Tanne, Partner, Kirkland Ellis LLP

Topic: Private Equity Due Diligence and the Credit Markets Fred Tanne provided perspective on the state of Private Equity in the current market conditions. He outlined the challenges investors face given the difficult market conditions and presented insight on the middle market. Mr. Tanne has been a partner at Kirkland Ellis since 1991 and is a founder of the New York office. Mr. Tanne was selected by his peers to be included in The Best Lawyers in America as one of the premier practitioners in the Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law practice area.

November 2007 Breakfast:

Speakers: Dan Farrar

Topic: Corporate Governance Dan Farrar, Partner, Morgenthaler Partners, provided insight on how a company’s management, and it’s board of directors can work together. From the perspective of a CEO, Mr. Farrar discussed best practices that CEO’s should adopt in working with their boards. In addition, Mr. Farrar highlighted the challenges of a being a director on the board of a public company. Mr. Farrar joined Morgenthaler in 2004. Prior to joining Morgenthaler, Mr. Farrar was President and CEO of GE Fleet Services, Europe, covering 27 countries. He spent sixteen years at GE in a number of executive positions, including: GE Fleet Services Senior Vice President of North American operations and Managing Director and Group General Manager of United Kingdom and Ireland.

October 2007 Breakfast:

Speakers: Tyler Brown and Ann Hayes

Topic: Workplace Violence (Washington D.C. Office) Tyler Brown, a partner at Jackson Lewis, provided an overview of workplace violence, including the dynamics, legal issues and liability. His presentation outlined warning signs and best practices for companies. Mr. Brown represents employers in labor arbitrations pursuant to collective bargaining agreements and advises clients on all manner of personnel issues. Mr. Brown regularly speaks to employer groups on such topics as handling employment litigation efficiently, sexual harassment and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ann Hayes, IMG President, highlighted recent trends with respect to workplace violence and related security concerns. Ms. Hayes has been at the forefront of developing new procedures for dealing with workplace issues, including inventory loss, corruption, sexual harassment, violence and anti-terrorism tactics.

May 2007 Lunch:

Speakers: Robert Strang, Carlos Rosero and Joseph O’Donnell, Esq.

Topic: Lunch n Learn: Due Diligence (Miami Office) The Florida Bar Business Law Section together with Investigative Management Group presented a CLE program on Due Diligence. This CLE presentation explained how to conduct effective due diligence in the United States, South America and around the globe. The program also highlighted best practices and recent trends in due diligence.

December 2006 Breakfast:

Speakers: Stephanie R. Breslow, Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Topic: Hedge Fund Due Diligence Stephanie R. Breslow, a partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, provided current insight on the hedge fund industry. Her presentation outlined emerging regulatory issues, due diligence challenges and recent changes in the hedge fund industry. Ms. Breslow is a former chair of the Private Investment Fund Forum and is on the founding board of the Wall Street Hedge Fund Forum. She has published books and articles on investment management issues, and is a frequent speaker on investment funds, limited liability companies and partnerships.

June 2006 Breakfast:

Speaker: Michael Maxwell, Former Director of the Office of Security and Investigations for USCIS Internal Affairs unit at the Department of Homeland Security.

Topic: Protecting our Border: How Corporate America can Help Summary: This insightful presentation provided information on border protection and the illegal immigration problems we currently face as a nation. The purpose of this presentation was to explain how businesses can assist the federal government tackle these issues. Mr. Maxwell addressed the history of illegal immigration and the security risks associated with the rising numbers of undocumented aliens. Mr. Maxwell explained that corporate management can assist with this problem by properly identifying prospective employee and performing pre-screening procedures. Mr. Maxwell’s experience as the former Director of the Office of Security and Investigations for USCIS Internal Affairs unit at the Department of Homeland Security provided for a unique perspective on this controversial topic.

February 2006 Breakfast:

Speaker: Robert Sadowski, Partner - Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolosky LLP

Douglas Findlay, IMG Investigator and Forensic Accounting Specialist Topic: Monitorships and Independent Private Inspector General (IPSIG) Summary: This presentation detailed what an IPSIG and/or Monitorship is, how it works, and the reasons why a monitorship might be used. Mr. Sadowski discussed his past experience as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York for 14 years, where he supervised civil health care fraud prosecutions. Mr. Sadowski explained the “nuts and bolts” of IPSIGs/Monitorships and explained the need for an IPSIG or an outside monitor during and after a government investigation. Mr. Findlay described his experience serving as an IPSIG for two major New York City construction firms and for the New York City Department of Investigation. As part of IPSIG duties for the New York City Department of Investigation, Mr. Findlay was instrumental in identifying and determining Labor Law 220 violations which the U.S. Government used in the prosecution of John Gotti, Jr.

November 2005 Breakfast:

Speaker: Matthew G. Spring, IMG’s Security Audit Specialist

Topic: Corporate Security in the Post 9/11 Era Summary: This presentation detailed the current landscape of corporate security. Mr. Spring discussed why security is important and necessary for corporate executives and certain individuals both domestically and abroad. Mr. Spring underscored the need to be “proactive” in providing protection and safety. Lastly, Mr. Spring and Mr. Strang explained that under certain circumstances a “security audit” can be used to determine whether a company’s security measures can be taken as an IRS deduction. Before joining IMG, Mr. Spring was the Managing Director of Executive Protection for Vance International, where he was responsible for executive protection and threat assessment operations. Mr. Spring was Managing Director for The Potomac Group & Associates, Inc. (PG&A) where he planned and led high-risk operations for members of royal families, foreign dignitaries, U.S. military leaders and politicians, corporate CEOs and executives, celebrities, and witnesses under threat. He has also trained private and public sector personnel in protective operations and personal safety.

July 2005 Breakfast:

Speaker: Steven Cooper, Esq., Partner and Co-Chair of the Commercial Litigation Department at Anderson Kill & Olick, AND Vincent Rakoczy, IMG’s Digital Forensic Specialist

Topic: Electronic Discovery – The New Face of Litigation Today Summary: This straight-forward presentation provided a clear understanding of how digital information is being used as a routine component for the work we perform for our clients. Mr. Cooper discussed the use of drive data and emails in litigation and highlighted several high-profile cases that hinged on digital information. Mr. Rakoczy explained how this information is actually retrieved from computers and how what appears to be “deleted” may not be. Mr. Rakoczy is a former Computer Crime investigator at the Suffolk County Police Department where he investigated identity theft, labor law violations, and theft of proprietary information.

March 2005 Breakfast:

Speaker: Dr. Mark S. Gold, Distinguished Professor at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine

Topic: Avoiding Litigation in the Workplace Summary: Dr. Gold has represented the United States at conferences held by the United Nations and the World Health Organization throughout the world. He has worked for 30 years to create models for understanding the brain and human behavior and has developed new workplace prevention programs and treatment options. Dr. Gold has written over 900 medical articles, chapters, and abstracts in journals for health professionals and has authored 15 general audience books. At this event, Dr. Gold discussed practical and medical issues relating to workplace violence, substance abuse, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

July 2004 Breakfast:

Speaker: Joseph DeMarco, Assistant U.S. Attorney

Topic: Email Fraud and ‘Phishing’ Attacks Summary: Joe DeMarco is a leading computer fraud expert. Joe discussed email fraud in general, as well as a new Internet crime known as "phishing," in which scam artists pretend to be banks or other institutions and use fake websites to steal victims’ personal information and identities. Since email fraud is skyrocketing, this is an important topic for the entire business community

December 2003 Breakfast:

Speaker: Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder

Topic: White Collar Crime and the Criminal Justice System Summary: Judge Snyder brought her 20 years of experience on the bench to present a judicial perspective on white collar crime. She has spent 35 years protecting New Yorkers as a prosecutor, judge and devoted public servant. She is the first woman to try felony cases and the first woman to try homicides. During her nine years as the assistant district attorney, she founded and led the Sex Crimes Prosecution Bureau, the first in the nation and a model throughout the country. Leslie Crocker Snyder has spoken out for Rockefeller Drug Law reform for ten years and will continue to work towards meaningful reform with the Legislature. Judge Snyder has recently joined the firm of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres, and Friedman, LLP.