Workplace Services

IMG offers a range of services to help companies combat and prevent the most serious threats to employees and the workplace.


  • Sexual Harassment - IMG helps companies investigate, analyze, and verify complaints, explore options such as confidential settlements, create educational prevention programs, and develop and disseminate policies and procedures.
  • Discrimination - In cases involving gender, race, age, or disability, IMG helps determine the veracity of allegations and assists clients with internal investigations, management response and educational programs.
  • Workplace Violence - IMG can work with companies to uncover early warning signs of potential threats, create an action and response plan in the event of a crisis, and help deploy professional staff to assist and counsel employees in the aftermath of an incident.
  • Substance Abuse - IMG provides clients with a range of services, including intervention, placement and treatment for employees. IMG also helps companies develop Employee Assistance Programs that provide more training, counseling and rehabilitation referrals, and can coordinate National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-approved drug testing and a 24-hour toll-free help line.