Litigation Support

  • One of the world's largest banks faced the prospect of writing off tens of millions of dollars after a wealthy individual walked away from a large debt. IMG was hired to search for assets. Within days, IMG discovered a substantial number of hidden assets, including a multi-million-dollar sailboat in the Virgin Islands. The boat had been falsely reported sunk in the Mediterranean. Posing as potential buyers, IMG professionals were able to board and videotape the vessel. IMG presented the client with this and other evidence, which was also forwarded to appropriate U.S. government agencies. Within weeks, the sailboat and other hidden assets were seized by the U.S. Marshals Service and the client ultimately recovered significant assets.
  • A large manufacturer with a plant outside the U.S. became the target of a class-action suit by former workers claiming asbestos-related illnesses. IMG was contracted to investigate workers' accusations and to collect intelligence. Working in conjunction with local investigators, IMG was able to uncover other environmental factors unrelated to the factory in question that likely contributed to workers' ailments. With this critical information, the client was able to avoid a lengthy and expensive workplace liability case in a potentially hostile court setting.