Litigation Support

IMG maintains strong relationships with many of the top corporate law firms in the US and abroad. IMG is often called upon to provide a range of investigative and intelligence-gathering services on behalf of attorneys and their clients.


  • Pretrial Services - IMG assists legal counsel in the discovery process by identifying and interviewing witnesses, locating assets, assessing net worth, and conducting background investigations and surveillance when appropriate.
  • Bankruptcy Investigations - Working in conjunction with creditors and trustees, IMG can document fraudulent transactions and locate assets for recovery.
  • Regulatory Assistance - On behalf of clients, IMG is often in direct contact with law enforcement and regulatory officials and can help manage and resolve compliance issues between the public and private sectors.
  • Environmental Investigations - IMG helps identify potentially responsible parties of EPA violations or other environmental liabilities.
  • Cyber Security - To help build cases, IMG can uncover infiltration or tampering with computer systems or electronic assets and help recover lost data and communications.
  • Antitrust Assistance - IMG conducts investigations into restraint of trade, monopolization, and anti-competitive practices.
  • Forensic Analysis - In special cases, IMG coordinates laboratory analysis of paper documents and technical analysis of electronic documents to verify authenticity and origin.
  • Expert Testimony - With their extensive experience and law enforcement backgrounds, IMG professionals frequently serve as expert witnesses in numerous districts of US Federal Court.