Workplace Services

  • A top employment law firm hired IMG to assist a CEO who was about to be sued for sexual harassment. The prospective plaintiff in the case, an executive assistant, had hired a high-profile media lawyer who prepared a detailed, lengthy and scandalous complaint that would damage the CEO's credibility, regardless of veracity. IMG went to work and discovered that the plaintiff and her ex-convict husband had threatened to lodge complaints against two previous employers. IMG's findings enabled the law firm to settle the complaint against the CEO out of court, discreetly, for a significantly reduced payment.

  • On behalf of a major league baseball team, IMG investigated threats of violence made by a terminated player to both the management and team owners. After a background investigation and surveillance, IMG professionals determined that the individual was potentially harmful and helped to arrange immediate intervention. IMG worked with the local district attorney's office to have the individual arrested, incarcerated and prosecuted. The quick action of the client and IMG potentially helped to avoid a violent confrontation.