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Investigative Management Group
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The safeguarding of a company's financial assets, employees and reputation has never been more of a challenge. IMG helps clients achieve this in a number of ways.

  • Security Audits IMG can perform a comprehensive analysis of a company's vulnerability to a range of threats: terrorist attack, natural disaster, workplace violence, theft and spying. IMG identifies and helps eliminate potential weaknesses, and consults on installation of security systems and counter-surveillance equipment.
  • Executive Protection With the new challenges of the global marketplace, IMG often discreetly conducts threat and itinerary assessments for corporations and executives. IMG also assigns protection details and provides other security coordination for international travel and postings of executives.
  • Digital Security IMG can investigate and uncover internal or external infiltration of computer systems, help uncover lost data, develop digital security policies and procedures, test systems, gather evidence and provide ongoing network and systems monitoring.
  • Corporate Investigations IMG can investigate a range of corporate risks, including hostile threats, theft of trade, intellectual property infringement and grey marketing.
  • Crisis Management In virtually any crisis situation, IMG can provide a strategic plan that encompasses fact finding, negotiation and appropriate corporate communications assistance to protect the corporate brand as well as individual reputations.