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Investigative Management Group
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IMG recognizes the special investigative needs of high-net worth individuals, families and trusts. For this type of client, IMG offers a number of confidential services.

  • Security Audits IMG is sensitive of the need to balance safety with privacy, and can analyze residential site vulnerability against the full spectrum of threats and help implement reasonable security measures. IMG also often consults on the design and installation of security and surveillance systems.
  • Personal Protection IMG can provide training for existing security personnel and drivers, or provide referrals to experienced and competent security staff. IMG often helps its private clients with advance travel and itinerary analysis. In select crisis situations, IMG's own staff can be assigned as security detail.
  • Customized Services For discreet intelligence and investigative work, IMG works in a flexible way to ensure that its private clients get timely, efficient results with the highest degree of confidentiality available in the business.