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Investigative Management Group
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Based in midtown Manhattan, IMG employs a full-time case management team of professionals, supported by hundreds of analysts, technical specialists, investigators and operatives around the world. The firm's commitment to a team approach enables timely information gathering, analysis and hands-on case management that involves the owners of the firm in virtually every client engagement.

IMG utilizes the same investigative and intelligence gathering techniques developed by the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, National Security Agency, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and various state and federal prosecutor offices. In fact, many of the professionals that work with IMG have had successful careers at these very same investigative agencies. Because of this depth and breadth of experience, IMG is often able to draw on a wide variety of governmental and agency contacts around the globe.

The firm prides itself on being able to mobilize discreet, virtually undetectable surveillance teams that can blend into environments as diverse as the offices of a law firm, the marketing department of a silicon chip maker, or the factory floor of an auto parts manufacturer. This flexibility and stealth enables IMG to deliver to its clients the critical information they need to make the wisest business decisions.

IMG also works hard to stay ahead of business challenges and puts a special emphasis on keeping up to date with the latest advances in digital security, forensic accounting and other state-of-the-art investigative techniques.